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This game is really interesting to play! i really enjoyed it! 




3gb dam


Insanely good, wasn't exactly the scariest (though I jumped a little when my light exploded 2 times :) ) but had a really nice atmosphere. My probably biggest complaint is the way reviving works - after rescuing and reviving, if you want to play the character I rescued I have to go to room with water, click the button, drown, select in menu character I rescued and then go back to water room to help the guy I drowned, go to computer to revive him and then I can finally continue with story.


I like this game


Super awesome! Been watching a lot of Kyle Hill the last few months and learning all about Chernobyl and other various nuclear disasters, and enjoyed that this game provided a quite detailed simulation of what it must have been like to keep this disaster from getting worse. Really great job!

I made a video, albeit havent finished the game, I plan on the second part coming out this week taking on the elephant's foot and finishing the job. I hope you enjoy, and are able to catch the second part! 


I beat it, although had some bugs! Flashlights wouldnt work sometimes and after I had all 3 valves turned, the door still didnt open until I closed and reopened the game. 


It is a good theme! To keep this story alive! And these guys are heroes! And game is looks very interesting!

Great Game, took me a few attempts to get through. I think most of my attempts led me to die by radiation poisoning. I kept attempting to approach the elephant foot.

Este juego es muy desafiante, tiene buenos puzzles, no te explican mucho por lo que debes deducir los retos, y aunque no es un juego de terror, la atmósfera te hace sentir que sí lo es. Es un gran juego y lo recomiendo mucho. Excelente trabajo desarrollador!! 

Хорошая игра. Не сразу понял,что там две концовки))) Молодцы!!!


Extremely good and atmospheric game, really intense atmosphere

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so good