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What is Liquidators?

Liquidators is an interactive experience set in the immediate aftermath of the Chernobyl nuclear disaster. Players are given control of the 3 plant workers tasked with draining the water tanks located directly beneath the destroyed reactor, diffusing what could become a much worse disaster. Armed with a geiger counter, a flashlight, and their own unique abilities, the three liquidators navigate the aftermath of one of the worst nuclear disasters of all time. Every moment is permanent, and all is at stake. Based on actual events, this experience depicts one of the many important missions taken on by the Liquidators of Chernobyl, effectively rescuing Europe from centuries of nuclear fallout.

Liquidators is developed by a team of volunteers with the sole intent to bring attention to the actions of the 3 real life Liquidators depicted in the game, as well as to the sacrifices made by all liquidators involved in the cleanup effort at Chernobyl. As part of that effort, our development team would like to urge the donation to Chernobyl related charities throughout our release process. 

Liquidators Open Beta

Liquidators is entering the final stages of development as we prepare for a September 30th release. Part of this effort is to open our game up to playtesting by a larger audience, to ensure a smooth release come the 30th. Therefore, we have decided to open a form through which our players can request keys for either Itch or Steam downloads. 

To request a download key for the open beta,
please fill out this form!

We will be releasing September 30th as an entirely free experience. Please read our Mission Statement.

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